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Sleep Apnea

Definition of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person's breathing is interrupted during sleep. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep, sometimes hundreds of times during the night.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Symptoms include loud snoring, waking up with a dry or sore throat, morning headaches, restless sleep, and feeling excessively sleepy during the day.

Causes of Sleep Apnea

Causes range from obesity and genetics to nasal congestion and a misaligned jaw.

Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

Diagnosis typically involves overnight monitoring at a sleep center, but home sleep tests are also an option.

Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

Treatment can include lifestyle changes, use of a CPAP machine, and in some cases, surgery.


Causes of Snoring

Common causes include age, the anatomy of your mouth, nasal problems, obesity, alcohol, smoking, and sleep posture.

Effects of Snoring

While often considered a minor annoyance, snoring can have significant impacts on your health, including disrupted sleep for you and your partner and increased risk of heart disease.

Treatment Options for Snoring

Treatments range from simple lifestyle changes to wearing oral appliances, CPAP machines, and undergoing surgery in severe cases.


Role of Dentist in Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment

Dentists can play a crucial role in the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring through the creation and management of oral appliances. These devices are designed to open the airway by bringing the jaw forward or lifting the soft palate.

Services Offered by Sleep Apnea and Snoring Dentist

At Millennium Dental, we specialize in the management of snoring and sleep apnea through oral appliance therapy, among other treatments. Our services also include assessing your sleep apnea risks and working closely with sleep physicians to ensure comprehensive care.

Finding a Sleep Apnea and Snoring Dentist in Calgary

Located in South Calgary, Millennium Dental is well-equipped and experienced in dealing with various oral health concerns, including sleep apnea and snoring. Our team understands the complexities of these conditions and offers tailored solutions.

Benefits of Seeing a Dentist for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Visiting a dentist for sleep apnea and snoring treatment can lead to a better night's sleep, improved overall health, and a reduction in the risk of serious health conditions. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to improve your sleep and well-being.

At Millennium Dental, we believe in a holistic approach to oral health that includes addressing sleep-related issues that can significantly impact your quality of life. By investing in advanced training and equipment, we ensure our patients receive the most effective treatments for snoring and sleep apnea. We're committed to helping our patients in Calgary and surrounding communities achieve better sleep and healthier lives.

If you're struggling with snoring or suspect you have sleep apnea, don't hesitate to reach out. With our comprehensive services, experienced team, and commitment to patient comfort and care, Millennium Dental is your partner in achieving optimal oral health and a better night's sleep.

To learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (403) 236-4443 or visit our website. Let us help you take the first step towards a restful night and a healthier future.

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