Dr. Salima Shariff

Dr. Salima Shariff

Born and raised in London, England, Dr. Salima Shariff received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1996 from the University of London. She has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, and neuromuscular and advanced aesthetic dental procedures from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, of which she is a fellow.

Dr. Salima Shariff is an active member of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (IAPA), the Alberta Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association, and is a certified Invisalign provider. She shares her colleagues’ belief that cosmetic dentistry delivers more than aesthetic benefits, and is particularly interested in the positive impact cosmetic treatments can have on her patients’ well-being.

Her passion is obstructive sleep apnea and neuromuscular dentistry. Knowing, first hand, the limitations neuromuscular pain can place on her patients’ quality of life, she is concerned not only with the health of the teeth and gums but with how the teeth are positioned relative to the optimal functioning of the joints and muscles.

Salima assesses her patients, during their regular checkups, for dental problems that may be contributing to sleep-related disorders and/or neuromuscular pain. Assessments occur in the office or are based on the results of sleep studies that patients conduct at home.

Depending on the assessment results and the patient’s history of pain, Salima may recommend additional diagnostic testing such as dental imaging (MRI and CBCT) to determine the extent of damage in the jaw joints, the nature of the imbalance in the bite, and in the face and neck muscles.

Once she has analyzed all of the data, she designs a customized program to help her patients alleviate pain and improve their overall health and well-being

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