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Dr. Shariff went Above & Beyond!

I cannot thank Dr. Shariff and Glenda enough for all of their diligent efforts in helping me overcome my struggles with sleep apnea. I was fitted for a Micro 2 appliance and saw immediate results. Dr. Shariff followed up with me regularly in an effort to further improve upon my results by adjusting the appliance trays periodically until the most optimal results were achieved. To further increase my positive results, she recommended and performed a painless Frenectomy procedure, which alleviated my symptoms even further. Dr. Shariff went above and beyond and I’m absolutely grateful for it.

– Nick

I’d like to thank Dr. Shariff and her staff at Millennium Dental for their expertise in fitting me with the Micr 02 sleep and snore device. I was aware I was snoring at night but was unaware of the poor quality of sleep I was having. Wearing the Micr 02 has provided me the restful sleep I didn’t even know I wasn’t getting. My quality of sleep has improved so much that I haven’t gone a night without since it.

Thank you zzz zzz

– Shari Patterson

I recently purchased a sleep appliance from Millennium Dental. I cannot say enough about how this has helped me. My loss of sleep from Sleep Apnea was at a dangerous level, not to mention how tired I was during the day. It has allowed me to get a full nights sleep once again, making me feel wonderful. It takes about a week or two to get used to but now I can’t imagine sleeping without it.

– Doug

Flawless job, Dr Jivraj!

Please let Dr Jivraj know that she did a flawless job on my teeth, I won’t need an adjustment and I really can’t at all notice that I had two fillings done – great job! I will definitely pass along my excellent experience with our patients. Thank you!!!

– Marni

All is Calm

Please pass along my thanks to Dr Jivraj and all the staff at Millennium Dental for being so kind to me on my multiple recent visits! The root canal did the trick and my mouth feels 100% again. I realize that my anxiety was completely irrational and very much appreciate testing out your NuCalm system. It really was incredibly effective. I would highly recommend any of your patients utilize NuCalm if they have anxiety.

– Donna Daniels

I just had the best teeth cleaning ever!

It was done by Laura at Millennium Dental. I generally get them cleaned every 3 months, but this was the first time with Laura and it was definitely the best ever!

– Renate

I Love the Friendliness

I love the friendliness and the effort everyone goes to, to make you comfortable. Everyone is supportive and very knowledgeable regarding your needs.

– Bob

I Have Been Seeing My Hygienist For 25 Years

I have been seeing my hygienist Shirley for over 25 years. She is always friendly and smiling and has a sparkly personality. She does a great job on my teeth.

– Elsie-Anne

It’s Easy to Recommend Dr Lakhani
Dr. Lakhani has always made himself available to see me during my visits to Millennium Dental. Whether I am due for an exam or not, he always pops in to say hello when I am having my teeth cleaned. He ensures that I feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. He is always friendly and professional, making it easy to recommend his services to others.

– Jessica

Millennium Staff Are Extremely Polite
I always find the Millennium staff extremely polite, helpful, considerate and efficient!

– Betty

I Like Coming To the Dentist!
Because of Dr. Lakhani, I like coming to the dentist. His kind, friendly manner makes me feel comfortable. He has recently started seeing my five children and they have nothing but nice things to say about him.

– Jennifer

I Would Definitely Recommend This Office
It was awesome here! Everyone was super nice and helpful. They were great at getting me in for appointments based on my schedule and it was not too long of a wait. I would definitely recommend this office.

– Vinny

I Love My New Crown
I love my new crown and the new tooth coloured fillings Dr Lakhani placed. I’m looking forward to getting my next crown that will replace my old discoloured silver filling which shows when I smile.

– Frances

I Look Forward To Catching Up At My Appointment

My hygienist, Sommer, is extremely friendly, polite and professional. I always look forward to catching up with her! All my questions were answered and I would recommend this office to my friends and family.

– Nick

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