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Top Rehab Centers In California

Top Rehab Centers In California

For the top rehab centers in California, we invite you to California Rehab Campus to begin your recovery experience as soon as possible. Addiction is a life-altering condition with multiple side-effects over time, capable of affecting you mentally, emotionally, and physically beyond the point of no return. Here are the benefits of completing your rehab treatment in our centers compared to other rehab facilities:

Customizable detox

Compared to other California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers, we rely on customized detox to help patients recover and overcome withdrawal. Most rehab facilities still resort to one-size-fits-all detox protocols that are largely ineffective in the long run. To ensure the optimal results, we take our patients through a series of clinical investigation procedures during which our experts will gain as much information about their situation as possible. This includes data about their addiction, medical history, withdrawal severity, etc.

After the assessment phase, they will use this information to craft a personalized detox program to ensure safe and comfortable rehabilitation. The same intake and assessment process will help us further personalize the rehabilitation program consisting of inpatient recovery and sober living services.

In-depth dual diagnosis assistance

Our top rehab centers in California rely on extensive dual diagnosis treatment to identity and address our patients’ co-occurring disorders. Data shows that nearly half of substance addiction victims struggle with additional co-occurring mental disorders that are either the results of their addiction or have caused it in the first place. Additional studies show that individuals who don’t address their co-occurring disorders during the rehab program will fail to maintain their sobriety after rehab.

Our dual diagnosis treatment includes medication, therapy, and counseling to stabilize patients and allow them to find relief from their mental issues. The treatment is effective, particularly in the long run, providing individuals with the tools they need to embrace sobriety over the years.

Extensive sober living services

Our California drug rehab and addiction treatment relies on patient-oriented sober living services to promote safe and comfortable social reintegration via peer support and custom lifestyle-related programs. The sober living program is an extension of our California drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs, placing individuals in home-like environments where they regularly participate in house chores.

Here, they will learn how to interact with other individuals, focus on healing and recovery, embrace a healthier and more stable lifestyle, and learn about responsibility and accountability. The sober living program is the reason why we have the best alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County.

If you’ve decided to begin a new chapter in your life, we invite you to our top rehab centers in California today. This is where you can finally overcome your withdrawal and begin the journey to recovery in a friendly, non-judgmental, and comfortable setting.

Call our professionals at California Rehab Campus for a confidential clinical assessment and intake! We can help you understand your problems and embrace sobriety and healthy living over the years. Fight back, and addiction will soon become part of a long-forgotten past!

California Rehab Campus - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
(888) 487-1874
Top Rehab Centers In California
33861 Granada Dr
Dana Point CA 92629

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Top Rehab Centers In California