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Article provided by: Louisville Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

Implant dentist Louisville

Implant dentist Louisville

If you are looking for an affordable implant dentist in Louisville or are wondering what your options are to replace a single lost tooth, you need to know the various tooth replacement options that exist, their pros and cons, and their costs. At Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, you can find a leading implant dentist in Louisville to provide dental implants, crowns, and bridges. All of our dentists are highly experienced, and we can develop a treatment plan that's best for your current dental condition.

A Single Tooth Partial Denture

The major downside to this option is the bone loss that occurs due to the absence of the natural tooth root. Biting force will cause the partial to move and shift because its design lacks a secure connection. Many partial denture wearers experience discomfort and gum irritation. We recommend a single tooth partial denture only as a temporary cosmetic solution.

A Resin Bonded Bridge

We use a high-speed drill to open the back of the missing tooth's neighboring teeth. A prosthesis will be attached to the backside of your natural teeth. However, the bone above the crown will begin to shrink given the absence of the tooth root. Over time, the simple chewing of food and natural uses of the mouth will apply opposing forces that will loosen the bond over time. Therefore, a resin bonded bridge is rarely recommended.

A Fixed Bridge

Again, we will use a high-speed drill to shave down a large amount of natural tooth on the teeth surrounding the site of the missing tooth. This is done to prepare these teeth for fitted 3-unit bridge that will be cemented in place. However, as with a single tooth partial denture and a resin bonded bridge, bone loss will soon occur, and plaque build-up is common below the margins of the crowns.

Since the missing tooth's neighboring teeth will now lack tooth structure, the will become weak and more susceptible to tooth decay. This inevitably leads to root canals, which are not only costly but often lead to more tooth loss. The 3-unit bridge can be repaired by shaving down another neighboring tooth and cementing a 4-unit bridge in its place. Over time, the problems get worse. You might just experience one failed bridge after another

Dental Implants

The best option also happens to be the most expensive, and that is why many patients opt for the previous tooth loss replacements. The best thing to do in the case of a lost tooth is to replace the tooth root with a dental implant. The implant gets inserted into the jawbone, and an abutment is secured to the implant. A crown is then secured to the abutment, and this artificial tooth may last for 25 years or longer if routine dental monitoring and treatment are maintained.

Since the dental implant option closely mimics the natural design and function of your tooth and prevents future bone loss and the need to prepare otherwise healthy teeth, this is the option we recommend most to our clients looking for tooth replacement options. Even if extreme bone loss has already occurred, we can fix that with a standard bone grafting procedure. Contact an implant dentist in Louisville today at Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants to discuss your options.

Implant dentist Louisville
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Implant dentist Louisville
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Implant dentist Louisville