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It All Starts With a Smile!

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Emergency Dentist In Charlotte

You can significantly reduce the risk of visiting an emergency dentist in Charlotte by having a good home care routine, keeping scheduled checkups at least twice per year, and wearing a protective mouthguard while playing contact sports.

However, even with the best dental care and safety rules in place, some of us do end up needing an emergency dentist in Charlotte. And that’s when you might realize you require orthodontic treatment.

If your family dental care provider refers you to an orthodontic specialist, we'd be honored if you'd consider Braces by Bird for the compassionate care you deserve and need.

More Information About Braces

Check out the Braces by Bird FAQ section where we have answered more than 25 commonly asked questions, or schedule a free consultation with our staff if you’d like to learn more about how braces can help you achieve your perfect smile.

You’ll find a wealth of information on our website, including answers to:

  • What happens during the initial consultation?
  • Won’t my child’s teeth just straighten out as they grow?
  • Will I have to schedule regular dental visits during orthodontic treatment?
  • What is the optimal age for treatment?
  • Are braces painful or uncomfortable to wear?
  • What kind of restrictions come with wearing braces?
  • Is it ever too late for adults to seek treatment?

Your Complimentary Consultation

Your initial visit is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you have about braces. We’ll do our best to address all of your concerns and provide you with additional materials to take home and look over with your family.

During your consultation, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet our doctors and team, take a tour of our facility, and see why we may be the perfect choice in the Charlotte area for orthodontic treatment.

We’ll also use your first visit as a chance to take x-rays (if necessary) and photos of your teeth, diagnose any issues you have, and discuss a treatment plan with you to improve your smile. We’ll bring all available options to the table while considering your budget and listening to your needs and wishes.

Avoid An Emergency Dentist in Charlotte

Creating a treatment plan to straighten your teeth is a good way to reduce the risk of tooth decay that is often the result of overcrowded teeth. When teeth are difficult to brush or floss due to crowding or malalignment, decay is possible. Easier cleaning means fewer dental issues and less likelihood of a dental emergency!

Braces can address all types of issues, from teeth that just need minor adjustments to those that require complete makeovers. We can recommend a treatment plan to create a beautiful smile that will give you confidence and make a stunning first impression.

Visit our “Smiles Gallery” to see beautiful results other patients have experienced at Braces by Bird.

Now Is The Time

Braces are more affordable and more convenient than ever. In fact, with so many options in virtually invisible braces, the advantages are clear. Our Patient Rewards Program makes wearing braces fun, and with numerous ways to earn points, you'll earn gift cards, games, and other perks.

Investing in beautiful straight teeth is not only the best way to avoid an emergency dentist in Charlotte... You'll have more reasons than ever to share your beautiful smile with the world.

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Emergency Dentist In Charlotte