We understand how important your smile is to you and quality dentists offer their patients a full range of cosmetic dental and comprehensive aesthetic dental solutions to give you the smile you dream of having.  Whether you’re looking to address the appearance of an individual tooth, several teeth or to rejuvenate your whole smile, there is a solution for you.

What is Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry?

Comprehensive aesthetic dental services refer to treating the health and appearance of your smile as a whole.  This approach extends beyond corrective approaches to individual teeth to include an extensive list of aesthetic dental services that address the entire smile line.  Comprehensive aesthetic dentistry is also known as smile rejuvenation or smile makeover.  We literally transform smiles with this approach!

Smile makeovers

Smile makeovers are about more than just the appearance of individual teeth. A smile makeover takes into consideration the relationship between your face, lips, tissue, bone,and teeth.

The type of treatment that will work best for your smile makeover will depend on your unique situation.  The aesthetic dental team at qualified dental clinics are trained and experienced in planning smile makeover treatment plans in consultation with you – to ensure the plan fits you perfectly. 

In addition to the goal of improving the appearance of your smile, aesthetic dentists also look to improve the function and health of your teeth.For example, a patient with missing or ground down teeth can also suffer from bite imbalances.  An aesthetic dental process will correct these types of challenges while restoring the beauty of the smile simultaneously.

Since the teeth, gums, jaw and face are all connected, dentists carefully consider the full effect of each aesthetic treatment. Your new smile will be designed in consideration of who you are, including your facial features.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to restore the appearance of the smile.  Unlike comprehensive aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry may focus on correcting the appearance of individual or groups of teeth. 

The steps involved in cosmetic dentistry depend on the desired outcome of the individual.  For example, a patient wishing to correct a chipped front tooth could opt for a short term correction, such as dental bonding to re-shape the tooth, or something more lasting like a dental veneer or crown. 

Modern cosmetic dentistry has advanced significantly in recent years providing our experienced dental team with a wide range of tools and techniques to improve the look of your smile.  Through a consultation, cosmetic dentists will help you identify your goals and the best treatment option to get you there.

What can cosmetic dentistry fix?

There are a wide variety of conditions that may cause an individual to become unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Cosmetic dentistry can correct the majority of these challenges in ways that look and feel natural.  The following are a number of common conditions that cosmetic dentists have helped patients overcome. If any of these conditions are affecting your smile, let a high quality Dental team help you!

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Receding gum-line
  • Teeth that appear too short or long in proportion to the face
  • Cracks and chips from injuries
  • Dark stains and discoloration caused by medications
  • Missing teeth
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Crowded or misaligned teeth

Getting started with cosmetic or comprehensive aesthetic treatments

Getting started is as simple as booking a consultation to find out your options.  For many of our cosmetic or aesthetic patients who were not satisfied with the appearance of their smile, their biggest regret was not having done something about it earlier.  We welcome and encourage you to contact Millennium Dental Clinic to book a cosmetic or aesthetic consultation today. 

Millennium Dental Clinic strives to be your preferred Calgary SE dental clinic for cosmetic and comprehensive aesthetic dentistry and for all of your family’s dental needs.  Come and find out why our patients recommend us!


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