Do you need a dental crown, but dread the long, drawn out process of making multiple trips to the dentist while suffering two weeks or longer of wearing a temporary restoration which can get damaged or fall off?

Same day, or CEREC crowns, are the answer to both of the above challenges! Would you like to learn more about this proven and safe treatment option?

Here are the top six benefits:

  1. Done in a single visit to the dentist.

The alternative: If you have had this procedure before, you know that this normally involves at least two appointments. During the first appointment, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent off to a laboratory to create the replacement. After about one week, you come back to get your restorations placed during a second appointment. Booking two appointments can be challenging for those who work full time or have busy family lives – and it’s not an ideal use of holiday time!

  1. Get rid of the need for a plastic temporary cap which, although expertly fabricated, can get damaged or fall off

The alternative: With the traditional process, the tooth needs to be prepped during the first visit, and then protected by a temporary crown while the lab constructs the restoration. Temporary units are made of plastic. They do not make a strong chewing surface and can become damaged or even fall off.

  1. 3D digital images rather than uncomfortable impressions

Taking dental impressions involves placing a putty-like substance into the mouth with dental trays to create a mold of the teeth. The process can be uncomfortable and sometimes needs to be repeated if the impressions do not turn out well.

  1. Excellent ability to match both shape and colour to your existing teeth.

Even though CEREC crowns are milled right in the dental clinic, no sacrifice is made in terms of color and shape matching. In all, over seventeen shades are available for your dentist to accurately match the shade of your new tooth to your existing teeth.

  1. Made from a single block of high-quality ceramic for superior strength

Your new CEREC dental crown is milled from a single block of high-quality ceramic. Not only does this add strength to the restoration, there will not be any metal showing along the gum-line in time as wear occurs. It is also less prone to cracks and flaws than other types of restorations.

What if it does not fit perfectly? With this procedure, your dentist is equipped to make any necessary adjustments immediately.

  1. Look and feel as natural as a restoration can.

Since CEREC crowns are made from a single block of ceramic, they reflect light in a manner similar to natural tooth enamel. Especially important for people with sensitive teeth, the material is compatible with the body and non-invasive to the remaining healthy tooth. Additionally, these ceramic pieces are designed to expand and contract naturally based on hot or cold temperatures.

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