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Oral Sedation Dentistry at Millennium Dental

You can experience stress-free dentistry safely and easily.

It is very common for people to be relectant to go to the dentist because of concern about discomfort, or even to experience fear. Thanks to sedation dentistry, now you don’t have to let your concerns prevent you from having a healthy, comfortable mouth and a perfect smile.

Sedation dentistry enables you to ‘disassociate’ without entirely losing consciousness, but you will feel relaxed and detached, and likely won’t remember much about your treatment. It is necessary that you have a level of consciousness for safety.

There are several options for sedation. We will identify the one most appropriate for you and for the treatment that you are scheduled for. Options include tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, etc., and can be administered in a variety of ways.  At Millennium, we do not practice IV sedation dentistry, we practice oral sedation techniques.

Most dental treatments require a local anaesthetic injected in the mouth, even when sedation dentistry techniques are performed. The injection will occur after you are already sedated and comfortable, so most likely you won’t notice this or remember the sensation.

    Preparation prior to your appointment :

  • Except for water, you cannot have food or drinks for 12 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Just prior to your treatment, you will take medication in tablet form, a mild sedative that will relieve nervous tension.
  • You won’t be able to drive, so please arrange for a companion to drop you off at your appointment.
    During treatment :

  • Treatment only begins once you are relaxed, and we will offer another tablet should you require more sedation
  • An assistant will be with you at all times, and you will be monitored constantly.

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